Visitor at the Dark
Translated Title

Visitor at the Dark

English Title

Visitor at the Dark

Volume 9

Gigantopithecus Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira leads his group through a Pile of Rocks in order to find Makoto. The trail leads into a jungle of huge trees. What mystery lies within?

Full Summary

Akira's Group is walking by the rivershore. They see something flying ahead. A pair of Meganeura Monyi are approaching them. Airi asks Maya if she can do something about it. Maya is frozen because of the bugs. A Meganeura Monyi is heading toward Akira. Luckly Shuu hits the ancient dragenfly very fast with his Kendo Stick. Takashi founds something. It appears to be a Pile of Rocks. Maya reminds everyone that they saw the same thing at the peak of the mountain. They found more ahead of them. Shirou was staring at the Pile of Rocks before Akira wakes him up.

The Piles of Rocks have lead them into a jungle with huge trees. They see another Pile of Rocks near the entrance of the jungle. Shirou suggests they should camp out till the next morning. They don't know anything about this jungle. They start to gather woods and making campfires. Kanako wants to talk to Rion, but she doesn't want anyone else to hear about it.

They head into the jungle. Kanako reveals that Kazuma confessed to her last night and now she regrets of rejecting his love. Rion doesn't think he will give up with only one rejection. No matter when love is always the most important thing for girls. After the girls' talk ends, Rion notices a present nearby. They both turn and see a dark silhouette standing behind them. It attacks them. Rion is hurt and the mysterious attacker sees Kanako and kidnaps her into the jungle. Rion calls for help. She informs Akira and his group that an animal abducted Kanako and fleed into the jungle. Rion tried to describe the attacker to Akira, but Shirou finds another clue. They found a big footprint on the ground. The group is scared because of the size of the footprint. Akira is still determined to rescue Kanako. Shirou is trying to connect the pile of rocks with the mysterious animal. He fears the oppenent might be something that they haven't encountered before.


Introducted Extinct Animals

Meganeura Monyi, Gigantopithecus

Introducted Survival Items

Kendo Stick


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