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Volume 9

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

Love his Sweet-Heart
Visitor at the Dark
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kazuma attempts to confess his love to Kanako, only to end up rejected.

Full Summary

Yuki has still pinned Akira down. When she realised that, she starts to get up. Akira apologises for the accident. Yuki yells at him for any perverted actions. When she calmed down, they check out the nosie they heard. They track it at a tree where Ryouichi started to undress Sanae. They quickly leave the area. They talk about the contests they held. Yuki wonders who Akira voted for. It is Rion of course. Yuki feels sad that he didn't vote for her. He pulls her down suddenly. They find another couple standing at the riverside.

Kazuma hugged Kanako for no reason. She hasn't talked to him for 5 minutes already. She recalls the first time they met. He always seems to be an important person in the group. Kazuma asks her what kind of men does she like. She answers someone reliable. She asks the same question back at him. Kazuma summons up his courage and describes every details of Kanako herself. Kanako adds every descriptions until she concludes the girl was Yuki. Kazuma is stunned by her answer and confesses that Yuki like Akira and not him. Before anymore misunderstanding Kazuma confesses his love at Kanako. He can't believe he said that. Kanako just bows and couldn't return his confession. She cried at Kazuma's shoulder, while he is feeling blue.

Rion and Shuu hear something nearby. Rion asks Shuu what he was doing in the middle of the night. He was praticing his kendo move with a piece of wood. They talk about the contests and Akira. When Rion walked away, Shuu reveals to the third voter.

Yuki and Akira start to leave the akward confession couple. Kazuma is trying to stop Kanako from crying. He is the one who was rejected. It doesn't change the fact he'll protect her no matter what.



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