Upshot of the Prevision
Translated Title

Upshot of the Prevision

English Title

Upshot of the Prevision

Volume 9

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

And then there were none
Love his Sweet-Heart
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is retreating toward the river. Will they make it on time before the Pristichampuses break through their defense?

Full Summary

Akira informs Akira's Group to hold down the line. More and more Pristichampuses are heading toward them. Mami finds it pointless. She has predicted her entire group will die one by one. She is next in her premonition. She doesn't want to put them in danger. Akira changes their formation. The girls will stay in the middle while the boys are on the sides. They will do their best to protect her from the Pristichampuses. Akira asks Shirou for advice. He suggests they should retreat to the river. Shirou notices the legs is their only weakness. Maya attacks the Pristichampus with a spinning leg sweep. Kazuma does the same thing, but the animal is able to avoid that and counterattacks with its tail. Mami notices the boys and the girls are able fend the Pristichampuses off as a group. Akira's Group doesn't believe it is their fate to die on the island. That's why everyone's desperate to fight against the animals.

Akira's Group has almost reached the river. Akira will cover their back while his group jump into the river. Rion warns Akira to watch his back. A Pristichampus sneaks behind Akira and attacks him. He puts a stick into the animal's mouth. The Pristichampus makes a death roll on Akira. Two more Pristichampuses are advancing toward Akira. From out of nowhere Mami helps Akira up. Akira's Group is watching them from the river. They are running toward the river. Mami believes that the premonitions make her weak. But she needs to overcome her fear and fights back. Akira and Mami jump into the river not a moment sooner. A Pristichampus jump with them also. They make a big splash on the river. Akira's Group sees the Pristichampus is drowning. Shirou suggests the animals don't like their body temperatures to fall. Since they can't create their own body heat. For now they are saved. Before they leave, Akira thanks Mami for saving his life. After that Akira notices Mami's eyes went blank. Shirou has been staring at Mami the whole time. He asks Yuki to explain him about premonition at a later date. Shirou will find out more if Mami can predict the future.



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