And then there were none
Translated Title

And then there were none

English Title

And then there were none

Volume 9

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

Fantasy or Reality
Upshot of the Prevision
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Pristichampuses attack Akira's Group and Mami's Group.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is defending themselves with wooden sticks. Akira sees Rion in trouble. He pushes her away to avoid the Pristichampus' tail. Kazunari tells Akira that Mami's Group is gone. Shirou suggests they should retreat into the river. They will be save there.

Mami was pullled away by Shouji as she sees Kyouko got eaten by the Pristichampuses. Mami and her group are saved for now. Mitsuhiro and Tadahiko will scout ahead before them. Mami is afraid they will be killed next. Meanwhile Masayuki and Shouji will protect her. Mitsuhiro and Tadahiko are walking ahead and Tadahiko sees the ancient crocodiles are heading toward Mami and the rest. He suggests they should head back. Mitsuhiro refuses and he argues Mami and the rest will be used as bait. In the end Tadahiko caves and they continue their escape.

Mami, Masayuki and Shouji are waiting for them for a while. Masayuki thinks they have abandoned them. Shouji loses his cool and he tries to advance at Mami. Mami escapes from him, but she got captured by Masayuki. He wants the same thing as Shouji: her body. They hear something behind them. The Pristichampuses emerge from the bushes and bite them. Mami sees another premonition come true again. Mami was frozen on the ground while the Pristichampuses are eating her former friends. A Pristichampus notices her and runs towards her. Mami believes that the last premonition about her dying will come true next. She closes her eyes as the Pristichampus is about to eat her. Akira saves her from the Pristichampus at the last moment. Akira feels Mami wanted to tell him something back at the edge of the river. It seemed she wanted his help. That's why he's here. He will save her even she knows she's going to die. Akira's Group will back him up at his claim. Mami sees Akira's Group are fighting for their lives and try to protect her as well.


Deceased Characters

Shouji Mukai, Tadahiko Uchimura, Masayuki Ikeda, Mitsuhiro Muramatsu


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