The Underdog
Translated Title

The Underdog

English Title

The Underdog

Volume 2

Wonderful World Arc

Lord of the Other Side
Duty of All Lives
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

What will the fate of Akira? Will he fall down the cliff as Hades swings his Axe? Rion, Shirou and Kanako are trapped inside the plane. A mysterious monster is waiting for them on the outside.

Full Summary

Hades swings his Axe and misses Akira. In the process he loses his foot on the ground. As he falls down the cliff, he quickly grabs Akira by his legs. The weight on the vine is starting to take its toll. Hades climbs up via Akira's body. When Hades almost climbs up the rope, he purposely falls down into the jungle. In his final attempt Akira swings his body to the edge of the cliff before the vine snaps in half. As he looks down the jungle for Hades' body. He couldn't see it. Above him a group of birds are still flying away from the jungle. He remembers what Hades had said about the plane.

Rion, Shirou and Kanako are trapped inside the plane, and a huge eye is staring at them. From behind Rion a huge tongue is heading for her. It misses her by much. The tongue quickly retracts back from the windowside.

Akira heads toward where the birds are fleeing. He sees the tail of the plane. As he approashes the plane in full view, a Megatherium Americanum is standing in his way. A group of Megatherium Americanums are shaking the plane in search for food.

Meanwhile inside the plane, the shaking has gone bad. Kanako falls down and is unconscious. Rion tries to help her. A briefcase hit Shirou on the back of his head and he is unconscious too. All hope is lost Rion felt. She is hoping someone will save them, even Akira.

Akira tear his t-shirt a bit off and wraps around a wooden stick and light it up with a Lighter making into a Torch. He charges toward Megatherium Americanums with his torch. Megatherium Americanums don't fear the torch. Instead they attack Akira with their claws. He dodges all their attacks when he couldn't see how to defeat them. Later he sees that the Plane is leaking fuel on the wingspan. He throws his torch at the fuel tank. The whole wingspan explodes. Now the Megatherium Americanums are yelling in fear.

Inside the plane Rion feels the tremors has stopped. She looks outside and sees the Megatherium Americanums are running away. She also sees a human shadow nearby and it is Akira. Not far from the plane Hades has watched the event the whole time.


Introducted Extinct Animals

Megatherium Americanum

Introducted Survival Items

Lighter, Torch


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