Fantasy or Reality
Translated Title

Fantasy or Reality

English Title

Fantasy or Reality

Volume 9

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

And then there were none
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Mami doubts if her premonitions are true or false. Kyouko and Mitsuhiro are plotting another plan.

Full Summary

Mami finally tells Kyouko about her dying fate. Kyouko still doesn't believe her. She reassures Mami that Pristichampus wouldn't come near them. Kyouko sees Mitsuhiro ahead of her. He winks her to come with him. Akira is back at his group. He heard Shirou and Kanako had left together.

Shirou and Kanako are walking alone in the jungle. Kanako hears noise behind them. Mitsuhiro and Kyouko are happy to see them. Mitsuhiro is holding a Mace in his hand. He swings his mace at Kanako. Halfway it was stopped by Maya. Shirou had planned this all along. He asked Maya and Kazuma to follow them. They have revealed themselves to Shirou as the culprits. Maya quickly crushs Mitsuhiro down even he was an amateur wrestler. Kyouko tries to escape from the ambush. Kazuma blocks her way, but she escapes with a single punch at Kazuma. Shirou presents Mitsuhiro to Akira's Group as the murderer of Tadashi and Shinji. Kazuma has returned with the rest of Mami and her group. Mami tries to explain that it was her manager's fault. She recognises Takashi and Maya from her premonition. She warns Akira's Group about another danger. Akira's Group doesn't believe a word from her. Akira stops everyone before they came too close to her. He suggests they should find Kyouko first since she has the answer whether Mami can predict the future.

Akira's Group are searching around at the top plateau. Kyouko is hiding at the edge of the plateau. She sees something down that she can use as a diversion to escape. Akira and Mariya were discussing about Mami when Asuka and Yasunori come screaming about something. They inform Akira that the Pristichampuses are up here. Everyone start to run away. Mitsuhiro is still stuck at the tree. Kyouko comes from behind and untied him. She reveals the Pristichampuses were still wandering around the base of the cliff. She used a fallen tree to help them climb up. Kyouko grabs Mami by her arm and run. Shouji, Masayuki and Tadahiko see that and follow after them. Kyouko notices the Pristichampuses are only attacking Akira's Group. She trips down by a Pristichampus. Mami sees Kyouko gets killed as the same as her vision. She starts to believe her premonitions. Meanwhile Akira's Group is defending themselves against the Pristichampus.


Deceased Characters

Kyouko Nakayama

Introducted Survival Items



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