Translated Title


English Title


Volume 9

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

Fantasy or Reality
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Mami gets more premonitions frequently. She needs to prevent more people getting killed. Shirou and Kanako suspect a killer is on the loose. They need to find him/her and fast.

Full Summary

Mami has a premonition about Kyouko getting killed by Pristichampus. She tries to warn her about the danger without revealing her getting killed. Kyouko laughs away about the danger. She thinks Mami is in her act as Mami the Clairvoyant. Mami has a bad feeling about her so-called premonition.

Akira is going to tell his group that Mami is a fake. Shirou is not so sure he should do that. They need proof. Akira needs to convice Mami to tell the truth. Meanwhile Shirou has another idea. Kanako and Shirou are in a meeting with Kyouko. Kanako presents proof that the death of Tadashi and Shinji are no accident. Kyouko counters the proof each times. Shirou is ashamed that he used Kanako as his spokewoman. With no other proof that Kyouko is the murderer they retreat into the jungle.

Mitsuhiro emerges from a tree. He overheard the whole conversation. Mitsuhiro finds that they have gone too far using the premonition to make others listen to them. Kyouko is going made another premonition come true. Shirou and Kanako are walking in the jungle. Shirou reveals that talking to Nakayama is part of his plan. They will be the next couple in uniform victims.

Akira is washing himself up. He tried to talk to Mami, but Shouji and Masayuki blocked his way and pushed him down on a dirty ground. He formulates another plan to talk to Mami. He hears a noise around the corner. He turns and sees something. Rion senses Akira is in danger. Takashi is explaining to the group a way to avoid the premonition to come true. Rion feels relieved that Shirou was with Akira. Akira accidently sees Mami naked. To avoid more embarrassment Akira dives into the water. Mami sees Akira stayed too long under water. Akira apologises to Mami. Before Akira walks away, Mami asked him if he believed in premonition. He thinks if she meant hers. Before he could ask her more, she hastly retreat into the riverbank. Mami is dressing herself up. She wants to tell Akira about her premonition. She then realises that Akira saw her naked. Shouji and Masayuki come along and promise they will protect her from Akira. Mami sees a serie of premonitions when Shouji touched her. The first one involve Shouji and Masayuki getting killed by Pristichampus. Tadahiko and Mitsuhiro are next to be killed. The animals attack Akira's Group. The last vision is about herself getting bitten by the creatures..



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