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Volume 8

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

Beginning W
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

More deaths are heading toward Akira's Group. Akira and Shirou need to find a way to prevent it. Mami has another premonition about someone fate.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is burying Tadashi and Shinji in a grave. They are started to believe in Mami's premonition. Tadahiko walks towards Akira. He needs to tell Akira about Mami. His group originally had about 30 people. Most of them drowned at the bottomless swamp when they didn't believe her premonition about the danger. Tadahiko urges them to believe Mami's premonition. Shouji and Masayuki walk into Akira's Group to inform them about Mami's next premonition. The vague description is about "A couple in uniforms lying on a red carpet". Kazuma decodes red carpet as red blood. Uniform could mean student uniform. Shouji and Masayuki are amused about the chaos they started. Akira sees his group is starting to fall apart. Shirou requests Akira to follow him.

They arrived at the scene where Shinji and Tadashi found dead. They reconstruct the layout of the bodies. Shirou theories they were heading toward Mami's camp. The injuries on their bodies doesn't match the way people fell from a rock. Shirou concludes the bodies were moved after they died. Shirou check the plateau out from above. He saw human footprints on top of it. Shirou suggests someone murder them to form a "W". Someone wants to make Mami's premonition to come true. Akira suggests Kyouko as the prime suspect. Shirou agrees. They now believe Mami can't predict the future.

Kyouko and Mami are walking alone in the jungle. Kyouko is amused from the fear of Akira's Group. Mami feels sorry about the deaths. Kyouko reminds her as Mami the Clairvoyant. Mami looks back when she first had her premonition and prevented the fire. After that she made it to newspapers and magazines. She was scouted by Kyouko. She was daydreaming when Kyouko snaps her out. She was holding Mamí very tight when Mami sees another premonition involving Kyouko's fate. She was killed by a Pristichampus. Mami doesn't believe what she just saw.


Deceased Characters

24 Unnamed passengers of Mami's Group.


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