Beginning W
Translated Title

Beginning W

English Title

Beginning W

Volume 8

Mami the Clairvoyant Arc

Laplace's Demon
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Mami predicts a "bloodstained W" and the promonition leaves Akira's Group puzzled whether to believe the premonition or not.

Full Summary

Mami's Group is shocked. Mami has just made another premonition. It involves a death in Akira's Group. Mami's Group discusses if they should they tell them about the Mami's premonition. Shouji is against that. He is afraid they will die too if they interfere into their business. Kyouko ends the discussion by not joining Akira's Group. Someone is eardropping in the bushes. It turns out to be Akira. He was worrying about them. They took so long to discuss if they wanted to come along with him or not. He walks past everyone till he stands in front of Mami. He asks her if she is Mami the clairvoyant. His group knows a lot about her. Mami quickly steps away from Akira. She's not used to boys. Shouji stops Akira from harassing Mami. They are not going to join his group. Before he leaves, he asks if Mami had a premonition. Kyouko reveals Mami's premonition. Mami saw a "Bloodstained W".

Mami's Group and Akira's Group are together outside the jungle. The vague description doesn't fit to anyone from Sengoku's Group. They start guessing what it really means. Miina doesn't believe in premonition. Kazuma, Kanako and Yuki believe it. Shinji got very fired up when he heard them talking about it. He walks away very angry. Tadashi explains Shinji's behaviour to Akira. It involves Shinji's Mother joined a bogus cult. She racked up huge debt and wouldn't come home for a while. She even called Shinji a "Messenger of the devil". Kyouko tells Akira that her group will set up camp nearby. They will continue their talk tomorrow. Masayuki and Shouji are watching Mami's undies when she signed Kazuma's shirt.

Akira's Group is asleep at night. Shinji wakes up and walks toward Mami's camp. Tadashi was not asleep. He will go with him. Shinji is talking about his mom. He will force Mami to tell the truth about her false premonition. They hear a sound above them. They were shocked when they look up.

The next morning Takashi wakes Akira up. He informs him that Shinji and Tadashi are found dead. They quickly head toward the scene. Tooru was the one who found them. Shirou suggests they were killed by a falling rock from the cliff. Rion points out the laying of the bodies looks like a "W". The others see that too. They start to freak out by the premonition. From behind the tree Mami see the whole event.


Introducted Characters

Shinji's Mother

Deceased Characters

Tadashi Katou, Shinji Gotou


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