Duel of the Brute
Translated Title

Duel of the Brute

English Title

Duel of the Brute

Volume 8

Fight or Flight Arc

Fight of Flight
Laplace's Dem
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi doesn't have the strength to defeat three Chalicotheriums. Motoko and the girls need to device a plan to help Kouichi out.

Full Summary

Motoko, Saki, Makiko and Michika are surrounded by three Chalicotheriums. Kouichi was knocked out by them. One Chalicotherium smashes the ground in front of Motoko. Kouichi starts to wake up, but he is still hurt by his broken ribs. The Chalicotheriums notice Kouichi and wait for Kouichi's next move. Motoko helps Kouichi out. She grabs a wooden stick and hits the Chalicotherium. The Chalicotherium attacks and chases after her. Saki sees the teacher's tactic and she throws a rock toward the second Chalicotherium. The second Chalicotherium starts to chase after Saki and the others girls. Kouichi only has one opponent left. They start to fight. During the fight Kouichi's ribs start to hurt. He doesn't have enough strength and time to defeat three Chalicotheriums. He has to keep evading the Chalicotherium's claws. He sees an opening. Motoko and Saki see Kouichi standing still in front of his Chalicotherium. The animal makes another attacks with his claws at Kouichi. Kouichi dodges the attack and holds on its claws. With all his strength he rips an claw from its finger. The animal screams of pain. The other two Chalicotherium stopped chasing the girls and following the hurted Chalicotherium back into the jungle. Motoko notices the Chalicotherium's claws strength can also be its weakness.

Makiko and Michika are treating Motoko's wound at the pond. Meanwhile Saki confesses what Kouichi did to her. Someone wrote a letter to her. She will meet him under the tree. Kouichi was the one standing under the tree. The next day Saki wrote a reply and placed inside Kouichi's shoe box. Kouichi read that and ripped the letter apart. Kouichi doesn't remember the incident and her. He recalls he just transfered to the school in july on the first year. He had a huge brawl with the seniors under the tree. Before that there was someone else standing under the tree and after that a girl said weird thing to him. He thought the seniors wrote a excuse letter to him. That is why he ripped the letter up. Now it makes sense. Kouichi starts to laugh about the whole incident.

Motoko manages to track Kouichi and Saki down. Kouichi will have the girls in his group for a while until he leaves them to someone else. Motoko knows Kouichi wants to solve the mystery after Makoto's message confirms his theory about the island. With everyone is ready, they start to leave the area as planned.



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