Fight of Flight
Translated Title

Fight of Flight

English Title

Fight of Flight

Volume 8

Fight or Flight Arc

Fantastic Flight
Duel of the Brute
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi and Saki are facing three Chalicotheriums while Kouichi tries to find a way to defeat them.​

Full Summary

Motoko is calling Kouichi and Saki out. They have been away for a while. Makiko reminds the teacher not to leave the area. Kouichi had told them to wait and get ready to leave. Makiko and Michika are wondering what Kouichi did to Saki. Motoko is curious as well.

Kouichi and Saki are facing three Chalicotheriums. One Chalicotherium attacks with its claws and Kouichi dodges that. Another one attacks Kouichi from his back. He defends himself with his Keys. Saki can't believe it that Kouichi used his keys to stop the claws. The Chalicotheriums are circling them. Kouichi manages to evade each attacks. Saki is arguing at Kouichi. Kouichi did not care what Saki has said. He wants to survive this and tries to solve the mystery of the island. A Chalicotherium is running toward them. Kouichi kicks the animal's head hard. Saki starts to wonder if Kouichi even know what she was talking about? Kouichi evades each attacks and he made some distance between them. The Chalicotheriums have stopped their advance. Kouichi starts to retreat by walking backward.

Out of nowhere Motoko emerges from the bushes and calls Saki out. She and Kouichi turn their head toward Motoko and the others. The Chalicotheriums see that distraction and start another attack. One Chalicotherium jumps from its position and lands in front of Kouichi. The Chalicotherium pins Kouichi onto a tree with its claws. Kouichi drops down on the ground. The Chalicotheriums turn and see the girls. The girls are surrounded by the Chalicotheriums.



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