Abandon the Past
Translated Title

Abandon the Past

English Title

Abandon the Past

Volume 8

Cursed Mountain Arc

Holy Mark
A View in all its Glory
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Rei rescues Miina from himself. In the meantime she tells Miina about her little brother. Akira watched as his group is suffering from the sickness and Shirou discovers something huge on the mountain.

Full Summary

Rei sees Miina in front of her. She starts running toward him. Right before her eyes the figure of Miina disappears. She is standing at a cliff. She looks down and sees Miina lying down below the cliff. She slides down and tries to wake him up. Miina can't say any words. He is drooling from his mouth. Rei needs to climb up the cliff with Miina. While climbing up, Miina bites Rei again. Miina reminds Rei of his brother when she was young. She tells Miina about her little brother.

Rei lived in a small apartment with four people. They had only two rooms. Her Mother and Father owned a store. They wouldn't come home till late at night. Rei and her little brother Junpei were often alone. He is six younger than her, but they were close. During one night, Junpei came home with a bruise. He won't tell Rei about what happened. It was at that time Rei entered the university and Junpei junior high. After that they argued more and more. When Rei was heading to a group date, Junpei had an accident. Junpei's Classmate told Rei that Junpei was bullied at school. They dared Junpei to walk the railing of the pedestrian bridge from one end to the other. They'd stop the bullying if he passed it. Alas he failed. He promised Junpei not to tell his family, especially his sister. He wanted to take care his problem on his own.

Rei compares the similar between his brother and Miina. They are both in pain and try to hide it. They wants to solve their problems alone despite being a kid. Rei grabs a rock to hold on, but the rocks breaks free. Rei yells as they both fell down the cliff.

Rion is crying in her hallucination. Akira tries to calm her down, but it is no used. Shirou suggests that stress triggers the hallucination in the first place. They had been here for a while. They faced many dangers and extreme situations. It builds up the stress level of everyone. Akira prays that Rion and the others will fight in their hallucinations. Shirou is talking to himself, so helplessly in this situation. He sees the mist has finally cleared out and the sun is shining on top of them. Shirou sees it clearly now. He informs Akira that he sees the peak of the mountain. The others turn their heads and see the same as Shirou. They have stayed near the top of the mountain. Akira is now determined to reach the top.


Introducted Characters

Rei's Mother, Rei's Father, Junpei Ooguro, Junpei's Classmate


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