Lord of the Other Side
Translated Title

Lord of the Other Side

English Title

Lord of the Underworld

Volume 2

Wonderful World Arc

Freedom of the Brute
The Underdog
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira is captured by a masked man. Who is he? Meanwhile in the plane, the group realise Akira is missing. They couldn't find him. Suddenly the Plane starts to shake, not because of an earthquake, but something else.

Full Summary

Akira is attacked by a masked man. Meanwhile inside the plane, Rion is sewing the skirt of Kanako. Kanako wonders if Rion is in relationship with Akira. Rion implies they are just childhood friend, nothing more. Shirou comes in to check on Akira, because he couldn't find him anywhere.

Akira slowly wakes up. He realises he is hanging by a tree with his hand tied behind his back. He tries to move around, causing the Ivy Rope to crack. The masked man returns and warns him the vine will tear easily. Akira sees his attacker wears a mask. The masked man is breaking up some Rocks. Akira has seen the mask before. It was sold in Guam as a souvenir. Akira couldn't recognize the attacker's voice, but he call out his name. The attacker wears the same uniform as his. Akira demands his name and his class. The attacker introduces himself as Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Akira demands again that he releases him from the tree. Hades informs him that everyone from school will die here, because on this island the rule is survival of the fittest. It has slowly turned into night. A group of birds are fleeing the jungle. Hades informs Akira that It will come again to the plane. Hades combines his rock to a Wooden stick into a Axe. He is about to swing his Axe at Akira.

Rion, Kanako and Shirou are searching the plane from top to bottom. Akira is nowhere to be found. Rion suggests he could be outside. Shirou rejected the idea because it is safe in the plane, going outside at night with the Andrewsarchus is too dangerous. Suddenly the plane shakes hard, causing them to leap off the floor. Shirou recalled Rion mentioned the earthquake from last night. At the windowside of the plane a huge eye is staring at them.


Introducted Characters


Introducted Extinct Animals

Megatherium Americanum (briefly)

Introducted Survival Items

Ivy Rope, Axe.


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