Mountain of the Dead
Translated Title

Mountain of the Dead

English Title

Mountain of the Dead

Volume 8

Cursed Mountain Arc

Mountain of the Dead
Abandon the Past
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Extinct Animals are heading toward the camp and Akira's Group needs to defend themselves or they will be all killed. Akira finally solves the mystery about his long time dead friend Kouhei.

Full Summary

The Diatryma, Andrewsarchus, Smilodon and an Arctodus Simus are heading toward Rion. She watches in horror as the four animals advance toward her. She starts to crawl away from them. The Andrewsarchus attacks her first and she evades it. The Arctodus Simus and Diatryma are attacking the rest. While she watched that, the Smilodon pins her down and is standing on top of her. She cries as she and the rest are about to be eaten by the animals. She is hoping that Akira will save them all.

Akira tries to explain how he went through Kouhei's body. Kouhei advances toward Akira's position. Akira retreats since he can't hit him. The ghost seems to know things that only Rion, the real Kouhei and himself would know. As the ghost is about to hit him with a rock. Akira bashes his head at a rock. Blood is dripping down from Akira's head. The ghost of Arita Kouhei is disappearing in front of him. He finally solves the mystery of the Cursed Mountain. He needs to tell the other of his discovery. While he rested, Kanako finds him and requests him to head back to camp. The others are in danger.

Almost everyone is freaking out. Akira tries to help Rion, but can't. Shirou informs Akira that a couple of people just started going crazy all the sudden. Akira already knows what is wrong with them. They are suffering from hallucination. It happened to him with the ghost of his friend. It seems real to him, but after a large shock to Akira himself the hallucination disappeared away. Tooru confirms Akira's theory. Ryouichi suggests they wait while the others adapt the climate and the hallucination will disappear in over time. Shirou is against that suggestion. The bruises around Akira's neck suggests a stigma. If they died on a hallucination, they will died in real time. Akira is holding Rion real tight. Suddenly Rion's body flips out hard. The group can do nothing while the others suffer from hallucination and perhaps death.

Rei wanders alone. She is determined to find Miina no matter what. She sees someone ahead of her. It's Miina.



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