Mountain of the Dead
Translated Title

Mountain of the Dead

English Title

Mountain of the Dead

Volume 7

Cursed Mountain Arc

Resurrection of Friendship
Holy Mark
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira is being choked to dead by his best friend Kouhei. Meanwhile the rest of the group is suffering from the sickness and Shirou suggests that they should wait until their bodies get used to high altitude.

Full Summary

The ghost of Kouhei is choking Akira. Akira however struggles and manages to escape the grip of Kouhei. He turns around to face Kouhei, but he is gone. Kouhei appears from behind and begins to strangle Akira once again. Kouhei confesses that he died at the Limestone Cavern and is rejoyed that Akira has come to join him at the other side.

Maya asks Tooru if they were suffering from acute moutain sickness, which he confirms. Ryouichi and Maya are able to move a bit, but the rest are totally immobile. They want to take everyone down, but Shirou prefers that they wouldn't, since they don't have the strength to move anyone down the cliff, because they are on top of it. However, Shirou suggests that they should wait for a moment, because the human body needs to adapt to lower oxygen enviroment. Tooru and the rest decide check the rest of the group while they slowly adapt this place.

Akira manages to escape Kouhei's hands for the second time and after this Kouhei picks up a Rock telling Akira he wants to end the conflict. However, Akira's leg gave in and he can't run anymore and he decides to also pick up a rock. Then Akira and Kouhei rush towards each other with a rock in their hands, but both swing with the rock and miss. As Akira gets closer to Kouehi's body, he just walks through him and notices now that Kouhei is really just a ghost.

Maya was searching for Akira, but in vain. She reports that a few people are gone too and Rion and Yuki want to help Maya with the search, but they can't move properly. Rion's eyes notice something in front of her, which turns out be a Diatryma, Andrewsarchus, Smilodon and an Arctodus Simus that are heading towards her.



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