Resurrection of Friendship
Translated Title

Resurrection of Friendship

English Title

Resurrection of Friendship

Volume 7

Cursed Mountain Arc

Rise from the Dead
Mountain of the Dead
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira finds out his friend Kouhei is alive, who has come back to seek a revenge on Akira. Meanwhile Tooru is attending the group with no cure in sight. Miina leaves the group to wander alone and Rei decides to go and find him.

Full Summary

Akira recognises the silhouette of the person. It is his best friend Kouhei. As he looks up again, he can't find his friend anywhere. He walks away and searches for his friend. Tooru is attending the group. It seems he is only one who didn't get sick. He analyses the symptoms from everyone. He concludes that everyone is suffering from acute moutain sickness. He used to climb up, so he forgot to take precaution. Asuka wanted to get up, but Tooru prefers she should stay put. Tooru finds that the team spirit is the second cause why everyone is affected at the same time. Because no one wants to be the burden of the group. It will lead everyone to die on the mountain.

Some girls are gathered around, but they still feel very sick. Rei asks Miina to lie down. Instead listen to her, Miina bites Rei on her arm and walks away from the others. Rei goes after him. Akira is still looking for his friend Kouhei. He missteps a foot and falls down a small cliff. When he reopened his eye, he sees Kouhei standing over him. Akira can't believe he is alive and well. He remembers before he went to sleep last night. He would prefer to see Kouhei again, even he was dead. Kouhei breaks out the bad news. He has returned from the dead and starts to strangle Akira on his neck.



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