Rise from the Dead
Translated Title

Rise from the Dead

English Title

Rise from the Dead

Volume 7

Cursed Mountain Arc

A Misty Mountain
Resurrection of Friendship
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is determined to reach the top. But they have a price to pay for that.

Full Summary

Miina's blurry vision is getting worse. He is wondering what is wrong with him. Akira asks his group about what Nagatsuka had said about the dead people. Airi and his brother Kairi think Nagatsuka won't lie at his last moment. Kairi recalls a legends about Mt. Fuji. The moutain was a gate dividing the boundary between the land of the dead and the real world. The dead people will revive again after passing through the mountain.

Yuki was ahead of Akira and she request him to come up to the frontline. Tooru is asking for him. Akira and Rion are walking ahead from the group til they meet up with Tooru. They cannot go any further because of a steep slope ahead. They don't have any climbing equipment, except a Rope. Akira tried to climb up, but he slips down easily. Akira attempts another try. This time he is climbing up without his shoes. At the top of the slope he lowers down the rope. Everyone else is climbing up without their shoes. Rei wanted to help Miina with the climbing, but Miina prefers to do it alone. Tooru notices that Rei seemed to hang around Miina a lot. It is because Miina reminds Rei about his little brother.

When everyone had climbed up, Akira asks the group if they prefer a little break. Everyone seem to be okay to walk a little further before a break. Akira's Group is determined to reach the peak before the night. After a while Tooru looked down at the group, everyone's faces tell that they are already at their limit. He calls out that they should take a break now. Akira still wants to climb further, but Tooru prefer they don't. It is dangerous to climb at night. The group will hide out from the wind behind the rocks. As the night goes, they sleep very well throughout the night.

The sun has risen next to the mountain. Akira starts to wake up, but he can't move his body. He can't breath very well. His head turns and sees his group are lying down on the ground. They are in the same state as his. A figure is coming out from the mist. Akira was wondering who the person is. As the figure came closer to him, Akira knows that person.



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