Fire of Departure
Translated Title

Fire of Departure

English Title

Fire of Departure

Volume 7

Argentavis Arc

Come to Life
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group has to leave their home again. Where will they heading next?

Full Summary

Everyone is back on their tent and packing up their stuff. Kako Tsuji was packing her stuff when an Ancient Ticks is crawling at her leg. Luckly Takashi sees that and picks it off. Yuki walks into the tent and requests everyone to finish up their packing and later find Akira. Akira is planning to burn the camp down once everyone is ready to go. Akira wants to kill the ticks before someone else falls victims to it. They will burn the camp at six locations simultaneously to prevent the ticks from leaving. Akira gives the command to light the camp up. Everyone watches as the camp turns into a big Bonfire. Akira and his friends have survived again from extinct animals. Akira asks Shirou for advice which dirction they should be heading. Shirou aims his arm at the mountain. They should climb to the peak of the highest mountain.

Akira's Group is trekking through the jungle. Shirou explains why they are heading toward the mountain. He recalls the event when they tried to escape from the ocean. Because of the Basilosaurus, they can't leave by sea. If they reach the top they can find a coastline somewhere else. Another reason is that they can see other survivors from the top. Shirou estimates the group will reach the mountain around three days.

Shuu is walking the perimeter while the others are eating around the campfires. Rei is giving the girls tips about boys. The boys overhear what Rei is saying to the girls. At the other campfire the students are praising Kanako for her skills. Shirou is busy updating his map of the island. He notices they have been on the island over a month and they haven't worried about foodshortage. He can't find a answer to the mysterious extinct animal living on the island and why help isn't coming.

Rion is looking for Akira. She finally finds him lying next to a tree. He is asleep and she sits next to him. She recalls all the events with Akira in it. Every times he saved her. She begins to blush of that. While Akira is asleep, she kisses Akira on the cheek. Outside the campfires Shirou is looking at the mountain with open questions.



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