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Volume 7

Argentavis Arc

Brave Heart
Fire of Departure
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The Argentavis return, but Akira's Group manages to defeat them.

Full Summary

The Argentavis has returned in larger numbers. They have no way to go. They can't head back to camp filled with Ancient Ticks. The Argentavises are flying above the river and heading toward them. Takashi suggests they could dive underwater. Shirou says it's no use. They will target them once they resurface for air. Akira sees no alternate way to escape the bird. He notices Maya is heading away. She confronts the bird headon. She kicks the bird's head. The damage on the bird's head is minimal. In return the Argentavis thows her away with its wing. Kazuma saves her when the Argentavis flew from behind and attacked her. Maya looks at the battlefield. It feels like the same as the previous attack. They don't have to skill to counterattack the Argentavis. Miina is walking aimlessly during the attack. An Argentavis was about to bite her when Akira comes along and saves him. He gives Miina to Rion and pushed them down before the Argentavis tackled him.

Maya is facing two Argentavises. One Argentavis attacks with its beak. She evades that and the beak ends at the chest of the other bird. The wounded bird bouches back a bit. Shirou sees what happened and tells Akira to attack their chest. Akira uses a Rock and strucks the incoming Argentavis at its chest. The bird cries in pain. Everybody sees that. Shirou tells everyone to follow Akira's attack. Maya takes Kazuma´s Spear and pierce through the Argentavis´ chest. It goes through the chest and ends backside. The Argentavis falls down by its wound. Shirou explains the balance between weak bones and able to fly despite heavy weight. The birds got scared and flying away from them.

They have won the battle. Some people are injured, but they can walk. Rion asks Akira for advice for what happened next. Akira has an idea. They need to leave before nightfall.



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