Brave Heart
Translated Title

Brave Heart

English Title

Brave Heart

Volume 7

Argentavis Arc

A Long Shot
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The poisonous ticks have already caused three deaths and just as Shirou realises the cause, Argentavises return.

Full Summary

Ken, Murata and Matsushita are gathered next to each other. Akira's Group needs to find the cause of their deaths. Shirou suggests to search their bodies for any anomalies. Takashi and Yuki have the bodies searched, but they couldn't find any causes to it. Rion suggests it could relate to food like last time with the Berries. Shiroufinds it unlikely since everyone ate the same food everyday. Kanako doesn't know any disease that can cause this. Akira has now two problems to face: The Argentavis and the disease.

Miina and Takao are eating in a tent. Miina tries to see the Fruit clearly. He is about to tell Takao about his eye problem when Takao fell on him. Takao's face seems like he can't breath. Miina checks on him and found he is dead. Everyone is gathered at Akira's tent. They have searched Takao's body and they find no cause that leads to his death. Everyone is starting to worry again.

Rion has brought Akira some water. Akira wants to leave the tent. Rion kicks him down to prevent him from leaving. Maya and her defense squad are digging graves for their friends. Maya sees her fellow students are working their best not to let fear consume them. Akira's action has giving them hope and bond their friendship stronger. The graves are done. Shinji asks her if she could lift the other end of the body. Maya notices something next to the body. It looks like a rock, but it moves. She cries out at it. Shirou wonders what happened. Mirei Hanamura finds it funny that Maya is afraid of bugs. She picks it up and squash it. Shirou sees the amount of blood coming from the bug and came to a conclusion. He orders everyone to head toward the river.

Everyone is jumping in the river. Shirou tells everyone to wash their bodies. Akira notices something floating at the surface of the river. He tries to pick it up, but Shirou asks him not to. He has found the cause of the deaths. The bugs are called Ancient Ticks that are poisonous. It could lead to breathing difficulties and eventually death. They have sucked so much blood they could be seen by the naked eye. Everyone start to take off their clothes and wash their clothes also. Rion has never found sign before. Akira has one explanation for it. The Argentavis has brought it with them when they attacked the camp. The attack has filled the camp with the ancient ticks. Above them the Argentavis has returned for another attack.


Introducted Character

Koyomi Kanna

Introducted Extinct Animals

Ancient Ticks


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