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Volume 6

Argentavis Arc

Judgment from the Air
A Long Shot
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Argentavis are attacking the camp, while Akira and the others are trying to defend themselves against the birds.

Full Summary

An Argentavis has landed near the School Camp. It still has its grip on Ryouichi. Shimazu calls the bird huge. The Argentavis flies toward the crowd that were standing outside. It send Shirou flying in the air and Akira falls down because of that. The bird just flies away without killing anyone. Shirou explains to the group that the bird used to warship by the native Americans. Kazuma compares the bird to a vultures and they only feed corpes. Despite they are alived, but to the bird point of view they are just as rats to them. The group start to panic about the attack. Shirou suggests everyone should pair up. While one person is doing something and the other watches the sky. Everyone start to wander off with their partner.

Maya and Akira are walking together. Maya has seen this behaviour before. Before Akira could ask about what she saw, the Argentavis has returned in larger numbers. An Argentavis makes a noisedive and lands straight at the fence. The fence collapses and the people are running away, except Maya. She is planning to fight the birds. She remembers where she saw the behaviour before. It was after the incident during the mass panic attack. Everyone is running around, some get push by someone else. Some wants to leave their partner behind. Akira hears a scream who he can't see who it is.



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