Judgment from the Air
Translated Title

Judgment from the Air

English Title

Judgment from the Air

Volume 6

Argentavis Arc

A Life or a Death
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Life on the School Camp is back to normal. Everyone is working hard to have a life there. But it won't last long when a new danger flies toward them.

Full Summary

A quartet of Argentavis are flying in the sky. One of them sees the School Camp. Kanako is walking through the camp. Everyone is greeting her and trying to get her attention. Kazuma watches as a crowd form around her. He is mad because Kanako is getting all the attention from the boys. He already unofficial claims her as his girl. Akira tries to ease the fact that Kanako is a flight attendant which is like everyone's fantasy. They started playing around when Maya walks in. She asks Kazuma to go on patrol and Kazuma immediately leaves the tent. Akira finds it weird that Kazuma would listen to that girl. Akira and Maya are walking outside. He asks why Kazuma would listen to her. Maya shows her why by kicking the wood above Akira. Her family owns a karate dojo and Kazuma used to train at the dojo. She explains that Akira's full of openings. That is why he get injured easily.

Rion and Shirou find Akira and decide to walk with him. They walk past everyone. Everyone wishes well for Akira's health. A scream is heard at the shower area. It appears that Rei went to the shower with Miina. Rei comes out with only a towel on. She saw something hanging on Miina's body. The boys are watching her with their open mouths. She quickly hastes back with her butts expose. Akira is feeling great that the people here are working as a group.

Sanae and Ryouichi are sitting outside the camp. Ryouichi wants to breakup with her, in order to be with Rion. Suddenly a pair of bird's legs pulls him off the ground. As he looks at his attacker, he sees an Argentavis. Sanae calls for help. Everyone is coming outside to see what happened. Sanae points at something above her. Ryouichi is back on the ground bleeding from his mouth. The Argentavis lands on Ryouichi's back and growls. Everyone starts to freak out by this huge bird.



Maya Miyauchi's family owns a karate dojo. Kazuma used to go her family dojo to train.

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