Bridge Over Troubled Water
Translated Title

Bridge Over Troubled Water

English Title

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Volume 6

Exploration Party Arc

Clear the Way
A Life or a Death
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The battle is over. The group needs to decide if they will let the newcomers come back to their camp.

Full Summary

It is night at the crevice. The Arctodus Simuses have left the area. Kazuma is standing guard with wooden Staff. Rei's attending Kotomi. The bleeding on her head has stopped. When Kotomi was hurt and Tooru went over to help her, but she almost bit his head and told him not to touch her. Rei ran over and started a fight with Kotomi that she didn't notice the flying rock. Rei reminds the group that Kotomi comes from a different enviroment. She's spoiled and can act as a queen. Tooru is one of her subjects. They can't rely on her on anything. They didn't notice that Kotomi is not sleeping. She hears the whole conversation.

Throughout the night they hear the wolves' howl. Akira has learned a very important lesson from this. Takashi knows another story about a wolf: "The Winnipeg Wolf." A wolf cub was chained at a bar. He never let its guard around humans except the son of the bar owner. After the son passed over, the wolf had never attacked any children except the adult. He became known as the The Winnipeg Wolf. Kazuma suggests they should name the alpha wolf. Takashi suggests they should name him Ernest. Everyone agrees with him. Rei and Tooru have returned emptyhanded. The wolves won't release their belonging to them. The group wants to leave Tooru. Because his face is bandaged and his odd behaviour. Akira tries to push Rei to Tooru. Rei wants nothing of Tooru. Tooru is Kotomi's boyfriend. Akira finally understands the meaning of friendship on this island. Sticking close to your friends no matter what will help you survive and can eventually build a country over it. Takashi still dazes about what kind of country Arkia is building on. Rion doesn't understand what Akira is talking about, but she will do her best. That's because Akira is her very important friend. Akira says the last two words for her. Her face changes from happy to anger. Kotomi starts to wake up and notices her broken nails.

It's next morning. Akira is walking around the crevice. Kotomi walks behind him and asks him if he has a moment. They wander to the edge of a cliff. Kotomi starts to take off her clothe in front of him. She wanna have sex with him. Akira quickly covers his eyes. His thought remains with Rion if she finds out about this. He requests to put her back on. Kotomi tries to chock Akira's neck. He had just insult her integrity as a woman. As they were struggling Akira misstap his foot at the cliff and together they fall down the cliff. Akira is sent flying toward a rock wall. A large sound boem is heard.



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