Clear the Way
Translated Title

Clear the Way

English Title

Clear the Way

Volume 6

Exploration Party Arc

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The standoff between the Arctodus Simus, Canis Dirus and human will come to an end. Who will walk out still standing?

Full Summary

The Canis Diruses aren't gonna win the battle with the Arctodus Simuses. They will be next on line. Rion starts to wake up. Akira tries to apologise for his behaviour earlier. Rion forgives him this time. Rei interrupts the lovely quarrel, but they have a bigger problem to solve. Takashi has a plan. They could take a detour around the battlefield. The detour area is sloped downward. The bears can't move easily around sloped area. Before they head out, Takashi wants the group to be splitted. It will increase the chance that one of the groups will survive. Kotomi decides that Akira, Kazuma and Takashi will be her group. The leftover four are in the other group. They start to argue why she should decide who is in what group. Akira hates it that the group should be splitted. He prefers that everyone should be together of die together. Takashi merely suggests it as an option. In the end Akira calls the shots.

Akira started to climb out of the crevice when some drooling liquid lands on his shoulder. The Arctodus Simus is on top of the crevice waiting for them. It pulls Akira out of the crevice. Rion climbs and watches as the bear was about to kill Akira. Rion tried to help him, but she was pulled back by Kazuma. Akira is lying on the ground while the bear is top of him. He grabs a Rock and hits on the bear's noise. The bear starts to back off a bit and appears to be hurt. Not far from them the Ernest notices the event. It appears the bear's noise is the only weakness it has. The bear was about to counterattack when a wolf attacks the bear's noise. The other wolves are doing the same thing with the bears. Akira turns around and sees the alpha wolf gave a command to his pack. Rion comes to Akira's aid and helps him up. It looks like the danger is over. Someone yells behind them. Kotomi is hurt by a rock.



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