Translated Title


English Title


Volume 6

Exploration Party Arc

Hairline Crack
Clear the Way
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira is searching for Rion, while the wolves and the bears are still fighting fiercely.

Full Summary

Akira recognises the Rion's voice from the scream. The Arctodus Simuses are attacking her. Akira left the group and went back for her. Takashi sees him running back and he hears a growl behind them. A Arctodus Simus is heading toward them. They need to find a hiding place and fast.

Akira is running toward the Arctodus Simuses. One of the bear swings its claw at Akira and misses. Ryouichi is closeby and he is searching for Rion also. He sees a crevice and wanders if she is in there? Akira is calling Rion out. Ryouichi replies he has found Rion. She is hurt and she doesn't want to see him. Akira heads back to the group and Ryouichi returns to Rion. She is unconscious at the moment. He sees her with her wet clothes and he is started getting ecchi about it. Akira is lost in his thought about what Rion said. Kazuma comes and prevents Akira from getting clawed from the Arctodus Simus. He got scold by Kazuma for that. He needs to man up and help his group to escape. They notice the Arctodus Simus can outrun all of them. They have lost all hopes of ever escaping from there. The Arctodus Simuses are in front of them waiting for the final attack. Suddenly the Canis_Diruses are back and start to attack the bears. They guess they have entered the wolves' territory. But the wolves isn't gonna win by speed. They aren't strong enough to bite through the bear's muscles. Still they keep attacking the bears. Akira sees the Ernest and a female wolf on the sideline of the battlefield. The female wolf is pregnant.

Takashi recalls a story he heard before. It's called "Lobo the King". It is a true story that happened in America during the 19th century. It was recorded in Ernest T. Seton's "Wild animals I have known." Lobo was the alpha wolf of a pack of wolves. He was feared by humans as a demon. Lobo can escape any mantraps and easily destroy poisoned bait. He continued to challenge the humans. In the end, Lobo was captured because of his mate Blanca. But he refused to succumb to humans and chose to starve to death.

Ryouichi is checking Rion out. As he is about to remove Rion's panty, Akira comes along and hits him with his fist. Ryouichi tries to make up an excuses why he did this. But Akira wants nothing of it, since Rion is his woman. The rest of the group has followed Akira back to Rion's crevice. Above them the wolves are still attacking the bears. They will not give up until the last second.



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