Hairline Crack
Translated Title

Hairline Crack

English Title

Hairline Crack

Volume 6

Exploration Party Arc

The Start in End
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and his friends are stuck between the Arctodus Simus and the Canis Dirus. Luckily, they found a crevice to hide to provide them a shelter, but only temporarily.

Full Summary

The group is surrounded by Arctodus Simuses and Canis Diruses. They are a bit lost. They asks Akira for help. Rion stumbles her foot onto a crevice. The crevice is small. They should be able to escape from the wolves and the bears. Everyone is heading toward the crevice except Kotomi and Rei. Kotomi has twisted her ankle. Akira decides he should carry her. Rei points out that she is too heavy for a schoolkid. He will bear with it. Akira sees an Arctodus Simus is heading toward him. They make a dash for the crevice. They jump into the crevice while the bear-like is on the outside trying to get in. For now they are safe.

Kazuma is standing as lookout for them. At each side of the crevice he sees both parties are not moving. They just stare at each other. Rei wanna thanks Akira for his help earlier. She wants to reward him with something, but she still doesn't have her stuff yet. She pulls her top a little off, just to reveal her breast to him to see. Akira tells her that now is not the time. Akira's face is injured, Kotomi uses her Handkerchief to wipe it clean. Akira tries to back her off, telling her that Tooru is more injured than him. Rion has watched the whole scene with Kotomi, Rei and Akira. She thinks they are just messing with Akira's mind. Kotomi finds Akira very cute. She implies Rion wants nothing of Akira. Ryouichi joins in the conversation that Akira and Rion are just childhood friend and nothing more. Takashi interrupts this conversation before it got out of hand. They need to get out of the crevice. The Arctodus Simuses have blocked their route back to home. They don't have food and water. They have to leave while they still have the energy for it. It's started to rain above them. Takashi theories the bear-like relies on smell and hearing to catch their prey. The rain washes away their smell of their footsteps. Akira gambles that the wolves won't attack them. Since the Ernest called off the attack the last time.

Akira prevents Rei from falling into a crevice. She thanks him for that. Rion notices Akira is acting all lovely dovey again. She starts to think about all the girls calling Akira by his first name like they are close to him. After coming back from daydreaming she realised she is all alone. She need to catch up with the rest. At the next rock she sees a group of Arctodus Simus looking and mouthwatering at her. Akira hears a scream behind him. He sees a group of Arctodus Simus are attacking something. He knows it's Rion.



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