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Volume 5

School Arc

Blank 2 Days
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira manages to expose the teachers as the culprits behind the attack on Miina. Takashi proposed Akira that they would join his group.

Full Summary

Akira is destroying the school and Takashi tries to reason him with words. Akira gives Miina as an example why the school system doesn't work. He wants to know the real reason what the school Class 3-6 is built for and for who, as Miina was the troublemaker and he got almost killed. The girls start to think the culprit is Takashi, who denies any involvement with the kidnapping and states that he just wanted to build the school and he was scared.

Kawai and Fujimoto come to Takashi's aid saying that they will take this matter over. Then Akira reveals that he didn't suggest that Takashi is the guilty party. He implies that the real culprits are the teachers themselves, as the kidnappers must involve two peoples: one person carried Miina while the another watched their backs and Takashi's reaction to the kidnapping doesn't fit. The only ones who would gain the most are the teachers and Akira accuses them for raping Miina. As he is about to hit them, they say they wouldn't rape a boy. Akira's Group has never told anyone outside the group that Miina is actually a boy and as Miina had his underwear down when the culprits kidnapped him. The students are starting to condemn the teachers for their act, which leads that both Kawai and Fujimoto attacking Akira. The teachers reveal their true intention of the school: the boys would do their bidding while the girls will be theirs. Akira thought building a country would benefit for everyone, not only for one person. Fujimoto makes another attempt to hit Akira, but he got hit himself along with Kawai by Takashi and Shirou, who joined the fight. Others students are looking down at their fellow teachers. Fujimoto and Kawai got enough of the students' revolt, stating that they don't care anymore and head towards the gate and leave the school.

Akira's Group gathers at Miina's Tent. Akira tells the group that he had a dream about they were all together at school and that he put a good performance to lure the culprits out. Takashi and his group are having a meeting and Akira is afraid they might kick out from their school camp. Rion comforts Akira by saying that she believes he did the right thing. Takashi wanted to thank Akira for his speech about their system here and asks if his group could join Akira's Group. Shirou reminds Akira that in order to build a country they need people and Akira accepts Takashi's proposal.


Introducted Characters

Maya Miyauchi, Mirei Hanamura


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