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English Title


Volume 5

School Arc

A Flag of Future
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The search for Miina at the camp continues and the his background is revealed.

Full Summary

Akira's Group search the entire camp for Miina. Nobody has found him. Akira asks Sanae and Ryouichi for help. They don't have the time for it, they have work to do. Sanae suggests he would return after he had played somewhere else. Akira got mad at Takashi, saying Miina went into hiding after cuasing trouble at camp. Kazuma runs into Akira with a message. He has found Miina on the outside. They see him lying on the ground and not moving. The Canis Dirus wolves are heading toward Miina. Akira and Kazuma jump off the fence and head toward Miina's position. When they are close to Miina, they see he was tied up. On his face he is bleeding from the head. Kazuma warns Akira about the approaching of the wolves. The wolves were about attack when they hear a wolf cry. They stop and retreat back to their leader. He notices the Alpha Wolf between the pack. He has a scar on his face. The alpha wolf gaze gives one look at Akira before retreating into the forest. The danger has gone. For now they carry Miina back to camp.

Akira's Group are in the tent. Miina is resting in the middle of the Leaves bed. Shirou analyses that Miina will fine, but there may be some aftereffects. Everyone has left Miina's bed except Akira and Rion. Akira asks her to leave while he is thinking about the event before he disappeared. Miina starts to wake up. He recalled going to the toilet when someone hit him from behind. He started telling him why he hated school so much. It began when he was at second year of primary school. The rules didn't suit him very well. Akira starts to doubt the idea of this school country. Kanako was lying next to Miina when she tells Akira to believe in himself. Akira turns his head because Kanako wasn't wearing her clothes properly. Miina gives Akira one last important details about what happened.

A large noise is heard throughout the camp. Akira is destroying the camp. Everyone is shocked of his act. Takashi tries to stop him from destroying further. He got push down for his effort. He dares anyone to try and stop him.



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