A Juvenile State
Translated Title

A Juvenile State

English Title

A Juvenile State

Volume 5

School Arc

Loss Brain 10
A Flag of Future
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and Kouichi are discussing about building a country and Kazuma informs then about having found a camp full of people nearby.

Full Summary

Akira is a bit confused about building a country while Kouichi wonders if they will leave the island alive. They have stayed on the island for 3 weeks and no rescue team has not been sighted while they have suffered quite a few losses already. At this rate, they will be wiped out in no time and so he suggests they should make a country here. Kouichi notices that Akira's Group has grown since he last saw them and that Akira has an ability to attract people. If Akira's Group grows above 10 or 20 people, they need a safe place for everyone to live and Kouichi encourages Akira by saying that he may be able to save everyone around on this island. Akira mutters if that makes him as king of the island, which makes Kouichi laugh. He gets up and ready to leave him, as he doesn't like crowds. With the last comment he states that it's battle between them who can survive.

As Akira is lying down on the grassfield thinking about a country, Rion and Yuki walk by and tell him that Kouichi and Motoko are gone and Kanako seems to be recovering very well. Akira wonders where Shirou is, as he needs to know how to make a country. After Shirou comes by, he starts to explain the history of making a country and what is needed to become one.

Soon Kazuma is calling at them, as he is running back from his lookout post. They notice something is approaching him from behind, which turns out to be a Macrauchenia is fighting with a Smilodon. Everyone hides and Akira thinks that they appear to be in the smilodon territory. After the fight the smilodon leaves with its prey Akira feels that his group needs to leave the area, but he doesn't know where. Then Kazuma reminds about what he just saw: a Flag in the middle of the forest, meaning that people are living out there. They retrace Kazuma's steps until they see a flag on top of a big tree, on top of which Takashi Yamaguchi is waving to them and requesting them to hurry up and come inside.

Akira thanks him for saving them. Takashi explains the place was originally flooded before they came. The area was filled with driftwood, which made it easier for them to build a camp here. Takashi asks Akira's Group if they would help them out, as he is planning to build a country there: A school!


Introducted Characters

Takashi Yamaguchi

Introducted Survival Items


Introducted Locations

School Camp


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