Loss Brain 9
Translated Title

Loss Brain 9

English Title

Loss Brain 9

Volume 5

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 8
Loss Brain 10
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Kouichi and the girls are heading toward the exit while Akira and his friends are saving Kouhei from falling.

Full Summary

Rion is mad at Kouichi for not telling to the group that he knew all along how they can escape from the tunnels. Kouichi points to the ground. There is underground waterstream flowing below them. Kouichi heads toward upstream. Motoko, Yuki and Rion follow after him. They arrive at a large chamber cavern. Rion recognises it immediately. This is the spot where Akira's Group fell in. Kouichi explains to the girls that the underground water is actually rainwater from outside. The rainwater flows through the sinkhole into the cavern. The sinkhole is their way out of here. They hear a scream nearby. Motoko is scared from the human facewall. Kouichi gives an explaination about the human brain and the three hole of a image. The girls are impressed about his explanation and his knowledge. Kouichi asks an awkward question to the girls about their weights. They are a bit confused about that question. He needs to know in order to get out of here.

Akira is still holding on Kouhei's hand. The cliff they are on, is started to crumble. Miina and Shirou arrive at the cliff. They were looking for him. Miina looks down the cliff and sees Kouhei hanging on Akira's hand. He doesn't want Akira to help Kouhei. Shirou tries to defend Kouhei's actions. He explains about the injury into Kouhei's brain.

Kouichi is standing as the base of the human ladder. The girls are on top of him. He knows the girls were lying about their weights. Yuki is on top and she can almost reach the ceiling. Yuki climbs out of the sinkhole and she is back on the normal ground. It is dark outside and it is raining. Rion asks if she can find some Ivy Rope where they can climb out.

The amygdala in Kouhei's brain has been damaged. Kouhei now knows what has happened to him. But it is already too late for him. He already did evil things on the island. He wants Akira to let go of his hand. Akira wouldn't let him go, even he dies. Kouhei's other hand finds a grip on the cliff. Together Kouhei starts to climbs out of the cliff. Miina and Shirou help him up also. The cliff beneath Miina starts to crumble. He falls down into the hole below. Kouichi comes out of nowhere and saves Miina from falling. Kouichi greets Akira. Akira gets tackle from behind. It is Rion. She is happy to see him. Yuki finds some Ivy Rope nearby. She was about to lower the rope when she hears a sound beneath her.



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