Loss Brain 8
Translated Title

Loss Brain 8

English Title

Loss Brain 8

Volume 5

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 7
Loss Brain 9
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

A swarm of Cyclotosaurus has surrounded Akira's Group and Kouhei. They need to find a way out and fast.

Full Summary

Akira's Group and Kouhei are surrounded by a swarm of Cyclotosaurus. Miina has just finished stitching Kanako's wound up. But she can't escape on her own. Akira will carry her if Kouhei helps him too. Everyone is against Kouhei helping Kanako, but they don't have other choices. Kouhei is shaking by the request of Akira. A second later he holds Kanako's lower body while Akira holds the upper body. Shirou commands to head toward one of the exits. The movement of the Cyclotosaurus are sluggish. They should be able to avoid them easily. Shirou turns around and notices the Cyclotosauruses are flying in the air. Cyclotosauruses have pinned Shirou and Miina down. Kazuma comes and rescues them. He is afraid that Akira and Kouhei will have more problem with the Cyclotosauruses carrying Oomori. A Cyclotosaurus tries to attack Akira and Kouhei and it misses. They both jump away at the same time. More attacks are coming from the Cyclotosauruses, but they seems able to avoid them each time. Kanako notices that they didn't give each other any signal, but they were able to synchronize their movement.

Akira's Group and Kouhei made it to the entrance and they are now fleeing into the tunnel. The Cyclotosauruses are still chasing after them, but they can't flying very high because of the narrow tunnels. Shirou finds it weird that they are attacking human now. Akira tries to warn Kazuma to watch out from behind. But it was too late. A Rock hit him on the head. The rest of Kouhei's Group has returned to join their leader. Kanako explains that they are her attacker from before. The Kouhei's Group attacks were stopped by Kouhei. He suggest they should leave, because the Cyclotosaurus is heading toward them. Kouhei's Group flee the scene. Kouhei begins to have second thought about not killing Akira and his friends. They are fleeing into the tunnel when the ground beneath Kouhei starts to crumble. He started to fall when a hand grabs his hand at the last second. He wonders who it is?

Rion, Yuki, Motoko and Kouichi are searching for Akira's Group. Motoko wonders what happened next if they do find them. They need to find a exit of this place. Kouichi already know the answer to it, but nobody asks him.

Akira is holding Kouhei's hand while Makita and Ueno are watching from the side. They don't have the courage to save their leader. Kouhei starts to know why he saved Akira before. He need Akira to save him from himself.


Deceased Character

Kouhei's Group Boy


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