Loss Brain 7
Translated Title

Loss Brain 7

English Title

Loss Brain 7

Volume 5

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 6
Loss Brain 8
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira gets into a fight with Kouhei while Cyclotosauruses are surrounding them.

Full Summary

Akira is standing in front of his best friend Kouhei. Akira can't believe it that he is the murderer. He wants to know why. Behind Kouhei the rest of Akira's Group is attending Kanako. She is badly wounded by Kouhei. Shirou asks Miina to take a Lighter and Sewing Kit out of the bag. Kazuma and Shirou don't the experience sewing something up. So Shirou will have to suture the wound. Miina has something else for Kazuma and Mariya to do. Kouhei is speechless to say something. He looks around and he sees two ways out. He heads toward the first exit, but he got tackle by Kazuma. Kazuma has blocked his exit. Kouhei tries to hit his way out, but Kazuma won't budge. With no choice Kouhei heads toward the second exit entrance. The entrance is now blocked by Shirou. He goes down easily than Kazuma. Before he could leave, Shirou holds on his pants preventing him to escape. Both Kazuma and Shirou are ecouraging Akira to wake up and stop his best friend Kouhei from leaving. His hand makes a hard fist.

Miyajima is hiding behind a pillar. He has found Rion and Yuki. But they have company: Motoko and Kouichi. Miyajima knows Kouichi's reputation at school. He tries to sneak attack behind him with a Rock. Motoko hears the stories of Rion and Yuki and the situation they are now. Rion is relieved that the teacher and Kouichi have saved them. They need to find the others. Kouichi asks Rion to move to the side. Miyajima was send flying to the ceiling by Kouichi's kick. And he lands on the spot where Rion was.

Akira is hitting Kouhei. Kouhei is surprised of his friend's strength. He just had kick Akira's ribs a moment ago. Akira is mad of his friend's deeds. Kouhei confesses all his sins, even the killing of the pilot. The feeling of guilt-free of killing has blinded him. Shirou recalls Kouhei was hit on the back of his head. Kazuma was at the exit entrance standing guard when a Cyclotosaurus walks by. Shirou has told him that the animal is harmless. He just ignore it and the Cyclotosaurus bites a bit of his shoes off. The rest of Akira's Group and Kouhei notice the swarm of Cyclotosaurus are heading toward them.


Introducted Character

Shirou's Younger Sister

Introducted Survival Items

Sewing Kit


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