Loss Brain 6
Translated Title

Loss Brain 6

English Title

Loss Brain 6

Volume 5

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 5
Loss Brain 7
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group finally founds out that the murderer was Kouhei Arita. Meanwhile, Yuki and Rion run into Kouichi and Motoko Kurusu.

Full Summary

A pair of Lystrosaurus are walking ahead of Akira's Group. They are still calling their friends out. Akira hears a voice deeper in the cave. Shirou didn't hear anything. So they ignore it. Elsewhere in the cavern Kanako is walking along with Kouhei. He is taking her to his hiding place. They starts to talk about Akira and he being as a leader of her group. Kanako looks at the backside of Kouhei's head. She remembers of the injury Yuki was talking about. They arrive at his hiding place.

Kanako looks dazed at the surrounding area. Kouhei confesses to her about his stay on the island. He has done many things and holds many secrets. Since he has the wound he was freed from the guilt. He doesn't see the eyes of his victims. He pulls out his Knife and stabs Kanako is her stomach. Kouhei reveals that he is the murderer.

Rion and Yuki are pacing through the corridor. Yuki falls down and she couldn't run anymore. Rion tries to help her up, but Miyajima has found them. He pins Rion down. He can make any girl his slave on this island. Rion uses her legs to flip Miyajima over and lands on his head. She helps Yuki up and dash away from him.

Kanako asks why Kouhei is the murderer. She is lying on the ground, bleeding from the stabwound from Kouhei. The island has changed Kouhei and he even kills people. Kouhei aims his knife at her chest. As he is ready to stab her, someone tackles him from the side. His attacker is calling him names. Kouhei recognises the voice. It is his friend Akira. Akira's Group has found Kanako and the attacker at the same place. Akira can't see the attacker from his distance and the place was very dark. Kouhei makes a retreat. Akira tackles him for the second time. Kanako sits up and tells Akira to stop attacking his best friend. Akira turns and sees the attacker's face very closely. It is indeed his best friend Kouhei. Everyone is shocked about the revealing of the murderer's identity. Before Akira can say anymore words, Kouhei kicks him on the side. Akira is dazed about why Kouhei does at the killings.

Rion and Yuki can't go any further. They have reached their limits. They wonder if Miyajima manages to find them. From deep in the cavern a noise is heard. A Lystrosaurus falls down in front of them. They hear more voices ahead. It reveals to be one of the teacher Kurusu and they sees another fellow student of theirs: Kouichi.



  • Miyajima is in Track-and Field Club, specialize in long distance running.

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