Loss Brain 3
Translated Title

Loss Brain 3

English Title

Loss Brain 3

Volume 4

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 2
Loss Brain 4
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group is traveling inside the Limestone Cavern and stumble across a deep shaft, which they need to cross.

Full Summary

Akira's Group and Yuki are standing around Tamura's dead body. Akira closes her eyes. Shirou suggests they should speed up if they want to find Kouhei's Group remaining members. A Cyclotosaurus crawls out the pond. It gives Mariya the creep.

Akira's Group looks around the area. They see 3 passages. Everyone picks a different passage than the other. Akira couldn't make up his mind, so he ask Shirou for advice. He chooses the same passage as Kazuma. ]They head into that passage. Akira wonders if Yuki recognises any paths here. She didn't give a confident answer back. So Akira hits her on her ass. He reminds her that she used to more energetic at school. Both Yuki and Rion slap Akira's face for being a pervert. Akira defends himself, trying to cheer Yuki up. Rion and Yuki are getting well together. Akira stops in front of them. They hit a dead end in the cave.

Somewhere else in the limestone cavern Nakamura and Ueno are talking near a lake. They were discussing about Tamura's death. Nakamura thinks Kouhei is the killer. Ueno doesn't believe that. He asks if she would kill someone. She reply no. Because of that answer Ueno hits her with a Rock. Nakamura's left eye is bleeding. It appears Ueno is the killer. Ueno keeps hitting her until she is dead. Then he turns to see his leader, Kouhei. Kouhei praises him for a job well done.

Akira is climbing a wall. He is trying to climb across the dead end. Everyone is watching him in tense. On his shoulder he carrys Miina's Rope. Akira is almost on the other side, when a rock comes loose. Yuki can't look at him. The rock falls down. When she opens her eyes, she sees Akira is holding on the cliff on the other side. Everyone is rejoyed he made it. Shirou explains to Yuki, because he can overcome danger and danger again. Akira is their leader.


Deceased Characters


Introducted Extinct Animals


Introducted Survival Items



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