Loss Brain 2
Translated Title

Loss Brain 2

English Title

Loss Brain 2

Volume 4

Brain Loss Arc

Loss Brain 1
Loss Brain 3
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group and Yuki are heading to the cavern, where Kouhei's Group is hunted by a demonic killer.

Full Summary

Akira's Group and Yuki are walking upstream. They are on their way to find Kouhei's Group. Akira wants to know what happens to her and the so call "Demonic Murder". Yuki looks very nervous. Kouhei was the one who found Hikari's body. They couldn't make up where they were heading. In the end they strayed into a Limestone Cavern. In the cavern Kouhei hurt his head and bleed badly. Since then, he's been a bit different and then Hikari's demonic killer reappeared. Kyouko's face was smashed and Hirabayashi was stabbed, Yuki was also a victim of its attack, but she survived by falling down into a flowing, underground river. The rest of the group is still in danger.

Kanako wonders what kind of person Kouhei is. Akira tells the story how he and Kouhei met. At elementary school Kouhei transferred in from other school. He couldn't make any friends, because of his frizzy hair. Everyone is bullied him, except Akira. He founds his hair so cool. After being approved by Akira, other kids started to like Kouhei, especially the girls.

Akira's Group hit a dead end, they can't walk next to the river anymore. They need to take a detour around a cliff. It is getting dark, they need to watch out where they walk. Akira's leg suddenly sinks into the grass. Everyone else is sinking in also. Shirou calls it a sinkhole. It is dark in the sinkhole. As their eyes get used to the darkness, Miina sees something behind Akira. They see a cave wall resembles a human face. They look around the area carefully. They see more of the human face walls in the cave. Kanako see more extinct animals on the cave ground: Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. Rion sees someone ahead of them. They run quickly to the rescue, but they were too late. Tamura was already dead. Akira is determined to find out what happened here.


Deceased Characters


Introducted Extinct Animals

Gerrothorax, Kannemeyeria, Lystrosaurus


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