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Volume 4

Adult Camp Arc

Good Fellows
Loss Brain 1
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira's Group needs to escape from Shinzou Karino's men. Also Miina has a secret to tell.

Full Summary

Akira's Group is surrounded by Shinzou and the other adults. The adults are about to attack. Akira plans a strategy. Kazuma and Akira will make an opening. While Shirou, Kanako and Rion can run away from here.

From the jungle a sandcloud is approachig them. It appears a herd of Hyaenodon are heading their way. The adults are distracted, Akira's Group can leave without a fight. A scream is heard behind them. Shinzou holds Kanako in hostage. The Hyaenodons are started to feed on the adults. The blood on the adult's clothes cause the animals to feed on them.

Shinzou is looking around. His friends are getting killed by the animals. Kanako scratches Shinzou's hand. He hits her back and he flees away. Kanako is down. The group come to her aid. A Hyaenodon is headed toward the group. Rion screams for help. Akira comes along and hits the Hyaenodon with an Axe. He keeps hitting the animals until it smells blood elsewhere and goes away. The danger is gone. Shinzou got away. He is alone in the jungle. He notices the Hyaenodons are attracted by blood. Luckly he didn't kill the Yakuza himself. When he looks at his hand, he sees blood on it. A Hyaenodon walks by as he watches in shock. A male scream is heard throughout the jungle.

Akira's Group is walking in the jungle. They were thinking about the adults. They got what they deserved, Miina says that. Akira introduces her to the group. Miina wants to reveal her secret. She takes her clothes off. Everyone couldn't take their eyes off, except Akira. His eyes were covered by Rion's hand.

Miina is actually a boy. He begins to tell his story. He is an actor and he plays Miina Isurugi's double. After they kill Towa. He tricked the Yakuza to protect him and Akira unexpected comes along. He devices a plan to tell Akira about Towa's murder. However he didn't plan Shinzou will help him searching for Towa's body. The others were nearby when the adults captured them. They turn to Akira and complement him for his heroics act. But he is out, because of the trauma kissing Miina. Rion is very mad at Akira, calling him pervert. Miina is relieved to find a nice group.


Introducted Characters

Miina Isurugi

Introducted Extinct Animals


Deceased Characters

Shinzou Karino and 16 unnamed adults.


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