Good Fellows
Translated Title

Good Fellows

English Title

Good Fellows

Volume 4

Adult Camp Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The adults have captured Rion, Kazuma and Shirou and Akira tries to conjure up a plan to save them.

Full Summary

Shinzou calls Akira out if he cares about his friends. Rion doesn't know why they were captured by the adults. But it seems the adults have leftover blood on their clothes. They start to worry about their friends.

Akira is still in hiding and closeby. He observes the adults and his friends. He yells out from the bush and ask why they kill Towa. Shinzou explains it was an accident. After the incident they traveled in a group. After a while they settled down on this location. They built shelters and gathered foods around the area. Ten days after the incident they couldn't handle the stress. They carried her to the cave to rape her. In the process they accidently killed her, They need to cover this up, no matter the cost.

Hearing his voice for the second time, Shinzou knows where Akira is hiding. The adults head to Akira's bush. They all hit the bush at the same time with their weapons. It reveals Akira was not hiding at that bush. At the nearby bush Akira sees the adults still are searching for him. On top of the tree Miina and Kanako are hiding near the Harpagornis Moorei's nest. Miina tells Kanako about Towa's murder. The adults are the culprits and she witnessed the murder. So she hired the Yakuza as her bodyguards. Now nobody can stop them.

Shinzou is losing his patience and decides they will kill his friends if he doesn't show up. Miina expects he will not show. After three seconds Akira comes out from his hiding place. He surrenders immediately. Kazuma sees an opening and knocks the guard off his feet with his head. They break the ropes free. They are all together again. Kanako leaves the tree as well and wants to stay together with her friends. Akira's Group is glad to see her. While the reunion is happening, they are still surrounded by the adults. Not far from them a group of Hyaenodon watch the event.


Introducted Extinct Animals

Harpagornis Moorei, Hyaenodon


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