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Volume 4

Adult Camp Arc

Plan of Secret
Good Fellows
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

After searching, Akira finds Towa, who was revealed to be murdered by Shinzou Karino.

Full Summary

Miina explains to Kanako the histories of Fujiki, Nishi and Marume. Kanako is very afraid after hearing what they have done in the past. Miina demands she tells her everything the moment she left the Tent. When she was done talking, Miina tells her to get dressed and be prepared.

Ptiloduses were hanging at the trees when Akira and Shinzou walk by. Akira is a bit confused by the Map. He could use Shirou's help right now. Akira explains to Shinzou about his lost friends. They resume their search after that. Suddenly Akira stops walking. He sees in front of him a tree that resembles the tree on the map. It is the same, right to the branches. Using the tree as landmark he continues following the clues until he reaches another cave. Inside the cave he finds the remains of Towa. A pair of hands suddenly grabs Akira's neck. Someone is chocking him. From the scar of the hands he knows it was Shinzou. Akira breaks the hold and escapes from him. Shinzou gives a whistle signal to the rest.

The whistle is heard in the camp. The adults started to unrest. They discuss the situation and head into the Yakuza's tent. Fujiki, Nishi and Marume were playing cards when the adults start killing them with Axes and Spears. After that they head to Miina's tent. It was empty on the inside. The adults start to panic and spread out searching for the females. Akira returns to camp and hides in plainsight. A familiar voice is heard by him. The adults have captured Rion, Kazuma and Shirou.


Deceased Characters

Towa, Fujiki, Nishi, Marume


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