Plan of Secret
Translated Title

Plan of Secret

English Title

Plan of Secret

Volume 4

Adult Camp Arc

Iron Maiden
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The search for Towa continues as Kanako finds a mysterious Map. Akira decides to take a closer look.

Full Summary

Kanako is worrying about Towa and Akira suspects Miina's gang has something to do about her disappearance. Nishi and Marume enter their tent, telling that Miina wants to see them. She wants to apologises for their behaviors from yesterday and as Akira leaps forward to ask her about Towa, Miina gives him a kiss. Kanako is freaked out by the kiss, but Akira tells Kanako that in close range he smelled Towa's perfume from Miina. Akira leaves the tent, while Kanako is forced to entertain Miina. Miina confesses her sobbing story to Kanako, that she was traveling with her guardian on the Plane when the incident happened. After she was done, she leaves Kanako alone in her tent, who starts searching for clues. She finds a piece of Paper in a Container, but unbeknownst to her, Miina is smiling about Kanako's finding behind the door.

Kanako finds Akira in the jungle, to whom she handles the paper, which appears to be a map drawn by Miina. Kanako returns to the tent hoping to find more clues as she finds that Miina hasn't returned yet. However, the encounter was watched by a unknown person behind a tree.

As Akira is walking deeper into the jungle, with the clues from the map he stumbles upon a cave. As he searches the cave, he sees that someone is standing at the entrance of the cave. It was Shinzou Karino, who used to be a policeman. He explains to him about the map he found and Karino decides to help him find Towa.

Back at the tent Miina is mad at Kanako, as she caught her searching at her stuff and took off earlier. As for the punishment she will call her boys to teach her a lesson.


Introducted Survival Items

Map, Paper, Container


  • Shinzou Karino was a policeman in south Kawasaki. His nickname was "Wild Board Karino" .

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