Child of God
Translated Title

Child of God

English Title

Child of God

Volume 3

Adult Camp Arc

Stairway to Heaven
Iron Maiden
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Akira and Kanako get separated from the rest of their group and are being kidnapped into Miina's Group.

Full Summary

It has been two days since Akira's Group left the cave. So far they encounter no other passengers. Shirou suggests they've probably mostly died off. Rion yells at him for that comment. Kazuma tries to convince Akira if he could give him some alone time with Kanako. Even him and Rion haven't made some progress yet. At least according to him.

Ahead of them, a sandcloud is approaching. A herd of Entelodon run past them. One Entelodon sees them and makes an attack move. Instinctly Akira grabs Rion's hand and run. The Entelodon is still chasing them. He sees a bush and they hide in there. The Entelodon just run past them. As he turns around to see Rion, instead he sees Kanako.

When the herd left the area, Akira and Kanako start to call out their friends. Someone grabs Kanako from behind. She was dragged into the bushes. Akira sees that and he got beaten by someone from behind. As the two guys were fondling Kanako. Their leader Fujiki reminds them that the boss will be angry if they do that. They discuss what to do with Akira. He could do hard labor, so they also take him with them. As he was carried by someone, he was reminded something Shirou had said. Aside the students there was normal passengers on the plane.

They arrive at the camp. Akira looks around. It appears the camp is filled with adults. They live in Tents and Swings. Nishi gives Akira a kick telling him to get up. Marume and Nishi are taking them to see their boss. Inside the tent they see a child in front of them.


Introducted Characters

Fujiki, Marume, Nishi, Miina Isurugi (Fake)

Introducted Extinct Animals


Introducted Survival Items

Tent, Swing.


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