Stairway to Heaven
Translated Title

Stairway to Heaven

English Title

Stairway to Heaven

Volume 3

Brain Loss Arc

Child of God
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The fate of Kouhei's Group has started to unfold itself. An outsider tries to destroy the group from within.

Full Summary

The girls of Kouhei's Group are yelling at the boys. The boys have done nothing for the group. The girls have worked very hard gathering foods. The leader of the group Kouhei has just returned from the bushes. He calms the girls down. The boys are very grafeful for his act. Kouhei found some trees with some tasty Fruits on them. The whole group celebrate for his finding. While Kouhei picks the peer-like fruit off the tree, his mind keeps going back where he stabbed the pilot. He is hoping that no one saw him doing that and they will go home soon.

They are resting at a river. A pair of Hyracotheriums are walking toward the river. Someone yells to everyone to come and see it. There's some words drawn into the grounds. Kouhei initially thought it was a prank by someone until he sees the words: "I saw everything." Yuki Sakuma wonders if this is some kind of game. The rest of the group doesn't have a clue what it means.

For the next 4 days, they see the text every time as they walked by. At night Kouhei is started to lose his mind. Apparantly someone saw him killing the pilot. He needs to calm down before someone figure it out. It could be someone within his group. Someone walks behind Kouhei. It was Hikari. She notices he wasn't very cheery earlier so she gives him a Photo. On the picture it was Rion, Akira and himself. He thanks her for the gift.

It is night. Everyone has fallen asleep. Kouhei is running through the jungle. He sees a open spot and someone is there. He sees Hikari writing words on the ground. He grabs her on her mouth and neck. After she doesn't move anymore, he let go of her. Now he need to hide her before the rest wake up. Someone calls out: "I saw everything." It was Hades. He throws a Knife in front of Kouhei. It appears to be the same Knife that he stabbed the pilot. Hades coerced her to write the words. Otherwise Kouhei will do something horrible. She just follows his order. He is the one who saw Kouhei killed the pilot. And Kouhei just killed a innocent girl. Hades promises him he won't tell anyone. No one within Kouhei's Group will believe him. Kouhei needs to keep going to silent everyone who knows about his horrible act.


Introducted Characters

Hirabayashi, Miyajima, Tomo Sugiyama, Kouhei's Group Girl

Deceased Characters


Introducted Survival Items



  • This chapter gives a sneak preview after Adult Camp arc.

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