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Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Run Away from Fate
Stairway to Heaven
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

They have find the cure. Now they need to give everyone the antidote before time runs out.

Full Summary

Akira, Kouichi and Rion are surrounded by the herd of Arsinoitherium. Akira has lost consciousness and Kouichi needs to give him the White Flower while avoiding the animals. Rion puts the flower in her mouth and gives mouth-to-mouth to Akira and he swallows it. Immediately he starts to wake up. Now they are fully mobile and got a handful of flowers for the rest of the group, They are on their way back to the cave.

Inside the cave they find Mikoshiba dead on the floor. They try to wake Itou up, but he die in his sleep. The others couldn't swallow the flowers, so they mash it into pieces. For now, they have to wait till morning if the antidote works of not.

The sun has risen from the mountain. Everyone is breathing normally. Akira thanks Kouichi for saving him and Rion when the Arsinoitheriums were about to attack them. Kouichi found the cause and antidote ahead of them. Akira requests if Kouichi will become their new leader. After watching his entirely group nearly wipe out, he doesn't feel qualify to become one. He has never felt this before. He just wanted to meet a guy like Akira. With that Kouichi walks toward the exit. Something caught his leg. It was Motoko. She still wants to watch over him. He holds her up and leaves. But not before he throw a Coin at Akira's face. They will meet again someday hopefully.

The others start to wake up. Shirou notices someone had been using his Laptop. Akira tells the group what Kouichi had said to him. They will surely meet each other again. Everyone is packed and ready. They are off to start another adventure.


Deceased Characters



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