Run Away from Fate
Translated Title

Run Away from Fate

English Title

Run Away from Fate

Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Amazing Grace
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

The search for the cure continues. With the help from a unexpected person they find the cure.

Full Summary

Akira claims that Shirou's encyclopedia was right from the start. The docile Arsinoitherium had the same illness as them. Akira and Rion try to figure out what they have in common. As they look down, they see the source of it: The Berries. They hurry back to the cave. Rion has something to show to Akira. In Shirou's Laptop the info of Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis comes into the display. She has seen the animal ate the berries. Everyone is still showing no improvement of their condition. With his last act, he will try to find that little creature. Rion follows after him.

On a big branch a Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis is eating a berries. Rion tries to capture it with both hand. Alas the creature is too fast for her. The sun is starting setdown. Akira makes an attempt. The little animal is fast for him also. Meanwhile at the cave Mikoshiba is yelling about his eyes and then he falls down. Rion and Akiramade various attempt to capture the little creature. So far they haven't made any progress. The Akira's eyes are getting redder. The Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis leads them to a herd of Arsinoitheriums. They are eating the same berries Berries. As they walk close to the Arsinoitheriums, the animals become very aggressive. They now know the true nature of the Arsinoitheriums. Something else caught in their eyes. There is another plant that grows next to the berries. As they are looking at the White Flowers, an Arsinoitherium is heading toward them. Suddenly the Arsinoitherium was hit by something hard: a Coin. Kouichi has arrived. He has the same red eye as Akira. Kouichi theories if they eat the berries and the white flowers at the same time, they will be alright. Rion tries to make Akira eat the flower, but he has passed out.


Deceased Characters


Introducted Survival Items

White Flowers


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