The Hope
Translated Title

The Hope

English Title

The Hope

Volume 21

Past, Present and Future Arc

The Eden Project
Cage of Eden Volumes

The Hope is the 185th and the final chapter of Cage of Eden

Quick Summary

After solving the mysteries of the island, Akira's Group builds and finishes their draft and set sail to the sea.

Full Summary

5 years later. Frey Sengoku informs Yuna the second stage of construction is coming along nicely and the island is quickly getting larger. From her trip Frey brings the first flowers to Yuna's deathbed. The first stage of extinct animals are possible, but not yet complete. Yuna is glad about the news and leaves everything to her. Frey asks why did she adopt her and names her successor. Yuna simply explains the feeling of losing someone. Frey heard the story about Yoshimi Isurugi and wonders why she would devote her life to continue his project. Yuna sees it as a dream of her son and his friends would live there some day and have great adventures. Frey agrees with her mother. Yuna smiles for the last time before passes away. Frey promises to make her mother's dream comes true.

3 years later on the island. Heero, Duo and Quatre didn't gather enough fruits together. Heijirou hits Heero for calling his real name. Duo and Heero couldn't believe their innocent Heijirou has grown up. Quatre tells them not to lose hope. They manage to draw a young Heijirou doujinshi on Miina's Sketch Book. Duo is the author of it, but unfortunately Miina's extinct animal drawing blocks the exciting part. They yell Miina's name out loud. Miina hears that while petting a Ptilodus.

The girls are bathing in a pond. Kazunari Murayama and Katsuragi are peeping at the girls while gathering water. They discuss how the girls grown up after 3 years. Maya and Aya catch them and execute the punishment.

Akira and Rion look at the School for the last time before departing. They have lived peacefully on the School for the last 3 years. Ugen suspected something repels the animals to come near the School. Shirou and Kanako informs the duo the preparations are complete for departure. For the last 3 years Akira's Group manage to build a big outrigger boat with a crew over 80. They are set to return to Japan. Shirou recalls the biohazard event to Akira. It could be the culprit didn't died on the island and it brought disease to the world. That is why they didn't see any planes or ships. Akira still wants to return to Japan no matter what. As they set sail for Japan, Akira still thinks the island is The Garden of Eden.


Introducted Character

Frey Sengoku

Deceased Character

Yuna Sengoku


  • It is mentioned the Eden project has been going on for more than 60 years, before Yuna Sengoku left her task to Frey Sengoku.

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