The Eden Project
Translated Title

The Project of Eden

English Title

The Eden Project

Volume 21

Past, Present and Future Arc

Sorrow of Mother
The Hope
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Five years later. Yoshimi, is lying on his deathbed, promotes Yuna as the new supervisor of the project. Hyoudou promises he will be Yuna's supporter. With that last promise Yoshimi feels relive of the good news and slowly exhales his last breath. The doctor declares his death.

Ten years later. Sakuraba is running late to his job. Yanagi reminds him about his recent transfer and jetlag that he musn't be late at the main corporation of Isurugi's company. Their boss Yuna is very strict and he easily can be fired. They discuss about the ten year old Eden project and how it will be built. It involves many countries, goverments, armies and private companies. The only problem is the certain amount of money to build it. Yuna once convinced a new elected American President to press on her project. Aside this project Yuna had finished studying architecture, chemistry and various other fields. Yanagi talked about Yuna's main reason about the project when Hyoudou interrupts them. Hyoudou enters Yuna's office and reminds her about her health. Yuna doesn't have much time left. Hyoudou reports the Yamanashi research facility has reached a breakthrough. The revival of extinct animals is now a possiblity. Right now it's a top secret between them. Yuna requests 4 buildings to be built on the island. Hyoudou recognises one as Akira's school building. Yuna refuses any questions to be answered and Hyoudou leaves her office. After he left, Yuna looks at her picture with Akira.

40 years later. A helicopter brings a old Yuna to Raika island. The pilot guesses it requires a 100 years to finish the project. The helicopter lands on the soft ground. Yuna finally reaches Raika island and asks Akira to wait a little longer.


Introducted Characters

Sakuraba, Yanagi

Deceased Character

Yoshimi Isurugi


  • In page 16 and 17 reveals a little hint about Time Travel. Yuna had studied many fields in America. It is possible that she calculated Akira's plane would land somewhere near the island and had the vegetation be eaten by human.

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