Sorrow of Mother
Translated Title

Sorrow of Mother

English Title

Sorrow of Mother

Volume 21

Past, Present and Future Arc

The Eden Project
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Full Summary

Nakagami reports the news in Guam. It's been three days since the plane went missing. The search hasn't revealed any clue yet. The news reporter reviews the incident. The plane flew on October 4th, approximately 30 minutes after departing from Guam, encountered an emergency and then it went missing. It's become the 5th worst accident in the world. Shigeo Tsuchiyama assumes if the plane crashed they would find suitcases and life-saving devices floating around the water. Mitsuru En reports the people on the internet call it the 'JAL Disappearing Incident'.

Nakagami reports the families from the passengers are in Guam waiting for news. The tv camera pans to see Rion's parents, Shirou's family, Rei's family and Yuna Sengoku.

Four months later. Two security guard are patrolling an empty school. They find Yuna sitting at Akira's chair. Yuna leaves quietly since they caught her a couple of time before. One of the security guard recalls the plane incident and the students were from this school. Yuna walks out the school, not before gazing back at the school. During her walk she has flashback about Akira. Unbeknownst to her, she crosses the road without looking. A car stops in time without hitting her. The driver yells her for ignoring the red light. Yoshimi emerges from the passenger door and recognises her from Guam. During the ride to her place, Yoshimi gazes deeply at the soulless Yuna.

Yuna's appartment is a mess. Yuna put food at Akira's altar when the bell rings. Hyoudou's employer Yoshimi Isurugi would like to discuss something with her. At the Isurugi estate, Yuna waits in the foyer for Yoshimi's arrival. Yoshimi comes in with her files. It seems he has been investigating on her private life. Yuna wants to know why. Yoshimi gives her a tour inside the estate and introduces her about his granddaughter Miina's room. Because of her death, he has created a project. Yoshimi wants Yuna to become his "Guarantee" after his death. Because she has the same loss feeling as his. He leads her to a room with members of the Eden Project. They reserve a seat for her to sit down and discuss the project.


Introducted Characters

Nakagami, Shigeo Tsuchiyama, Mitsuru En, Hyoudou


  • Yoshimi Isurugi reveals Miina Isurugi was his only living relative alive. Does it mean Heijirou's story in Adult Camp arc about his father and his soon-to-be-stepmother was his own?

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