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Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc, Past, Present and Future Arc

Sorrow of Mother
Cage of Eden Volumes

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Akira's Death Tower Party are shocked about their discovery. The center walls have portrait paintings of them and their friends. Kanako concludes it's pictures of all the passengers on the Plane. Daigo finds the outer walls is about the Garden of Eden creation. Rei finds something and calls them out. On the back of the center wall they see a stone monument. Shirou can read english and translate it to the group. According to the monument they were died. Akira knew the truth and shows the group a picture. It's picture of him and his mother. He found it at the supervisor's room on the third floor. The picture was taken before he went on the school trip. The group is shocked by the revelation. Kanako concludes the Antenna is really a tomb. Shizuka recalls the machines beneath the Pyramid weren't old at all, they were new. The truth begins to sink into their mind. They weren't lost, instead they have been in the future this whole time. Shirou didn't consider it until now. Akira holds Rion tight in his arms, wonders how his picture lands into this place.

Yokohama. The television has a breaking news about a plane missing. It involves the flight 847 from Guam to Japan. A man recalls Yuna's son went to Guam. Someone tells him that Yuna just left her office. The man reaches the 1st floor just in time to inform Yuna about the news.



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