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Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

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Maya wonders what is wrong with the numbers on the model. Before Kanako can answer that, Akira stands up and walks to the stairs. Akira tries to pick Rion and Yuki up with his strength and fails. Takashi manages to jump in and grabs Yuki into his arms. The group suggests Akira knew something what's up there.

Miina's group watch as the Paraceratherium roar on the other side of the wall, but doesn't dare to cross the wall. Ugen wonders why. Motoko and the girls calls him over. They found a metal shape on the ground. Miina comes over and sees immediately what it's it: a clock. Michika suggests it fell off from the center building. The group agrees with her assumption and Asuka is the first one to reach a conclusion about the building. The building seems to look like their School. Ugen agrees it too with the exceptions the windows are a lot smaller than normal and the moods are different.

Akira's Death Tower Party reach the 4th floor and are standing in front of the double door painting. Akira and Kanako are changing the slot numbers and the door makes a click sound. Kouichi finds it strange that the number 2307 on the church and the model is the combination and Akira and Kananko knew something about it. Kanako reveals it is their plane's number. Akira knows the answer lies within the door and pushes the door open. The room reveals walls with paintings on it. Kouichi sees more paintings on the center wall. When the group approaches it, they are shocked beyond their imagination. Shirou demands an answer from Akira.



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