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Volume 21

Tower of Death Arc

Cage of Eden Volumes

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Akira, Rion, Saki and Takashi are passed out by the myxomycete. Maya and Rei wonder why Daigo ran back to the dinner room. Kanako was about to check on him, Daigo come back with his jacket full of table salt. He suggests they rub it on their bodies. Shirou sees it as a repellent from spreading the myxomycete. The group starts to break the salt into smaller pieces. Hideo wonders who will rub their bodies. Kanako stands up and volunteers the job. The group stand outside while Kanako begins her work.

Paraceratherium runs after a group of people. Three people got killed by the Paraceratherium. Miina's group is running away from the animal and they are carrying Miina and Takashi. Miina's group manages to run into the School, but they fear the wall won't protect them against the Paraceratherium. Miina's group hold their head down as they prepare the Paraceratherium's attack. A few seconds later Ugen opens his eyes to see the Paraceratherium walks along the wall. They don't understand why the Paraceratherium didn't attack them past the wall.

Akira's Death Tower Party are together in the inner room. Shirou notices Kanako's health hasn't changed. Aya wants to investigate the 4th floor, but Shirou reminds everyone about a 4 digit number requires half a day to try out all the combination. Akira wakes up just in time before Maya and Aya head to the church. Everyone is relieved to see him and Takashi wake up. Unfortunately Rion and Yuki were longer infected with myxomycete, so it takes more time for them to recover. Akira wants to accompany them to the 4th floor and asks Kanako to pick up his toy from the floor. Kanako couldn't believe her eyes when she sees the numbers on its belly.


Deceased Characters

Three unknown characters from fromer Nishikiori's Group


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