Amazing Grace
Translated Title

Amazing Grace

English Title

Amazing Grace

Volume 3

Epidemic Arc

Run Away from Fate
Cage of Eden Volumes

Quick Summary

Many more victims have fallen on the illness. What can Akira do about it?

Full Summary

Akira calls Kouichi and he sees Akira has red eyes too. They return to the cave. Both Rion and Kanako are worrying about him. Kazuma also comes under the illness. He freaks a bit out, because the fact Ono died from the same symptom as his. Akira tries to calm him down from his bed. As he looks around him, almost everyone suffer the same illness. Kouichi just sits at his bed doing nothing.

The next morning. Akira tries to get up, but he doesn't have the strength for it. Rion is yelling that Kouichi went missing. They have looked throughout the area, but he's nowhere to be found. Rion suggests he ran away. The illness has claimed a new victim. This time it is Kanako. She collapses in front of them. The only one who is left standing is Rion.

Akira is on the outside. He is still young to die from a disease. Rion tries to comfort him, but he doesn't want her close to him. The illness could be contagious. That is probably why Kouichi left them. Akira advises her to leave them and live for another day. Rion hugs Akira, because she doesn't want to leave him. She want them to be together forever. Next to them the docile Arsinoitherium starts to get up and walks back to the lake. The Arsinoitherium unexpected starts to drown in the lake. They think back what Shirou's encyclopedia and Kouichi's Darwin Theory have said about this animal. It proves they were right. Akira starts to know the answer to their dilemma.



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